On the Piste! Drinking whilst Skiing in the Swiss Alps

Verbier nightlifeMany people who book holidays to the Swiss Alps do so to enjoy the amazing ski adventure that the region offers.

From normal skiing to cross-country skiing and Heliskiing, among others, you cannot lack something fun and thrilling to do while in the Switzerland.

However, skiing is not all that the Swiss do for fun; there are lots of other ski holiday activities, but the most exciting one you will come across is drinking, or even better, drinking whilst skiing.

The Swiss Drinking Culture

Although it has dwindled over time, the Swiss people have had a long reputation for drinking. In fact, in one of the most famous writings about the Swiss in the 17th century, French diplomat Daniel L’Ermite stated that drinking is a passion for the Swiss people. L’Ermite even observed them drinking while conducting important business matter. And he was not the only foreigner to observe and be amazed by the Swiss drinking culture. In the 17th century, the saying “drink like a Swiss” was coined in tribute to their famous love of wine.

Young people drinking in VerbierWith this long tradition of drinking, it does not come as a surprise that a good number of Swiss people still love to drink up to this day, even in ski regions. If you book a stay via Alpine Comfort Chalets in one of the many chalets in 4 Valleys area, you will notice that drinking (mostly wine and beer) is a common tradition and people as young as 16 years drink as though it is just another day; after all, the legal drinking age for beer and wine in Switzerland is 16 years.

And the visitors

Drinking in Swiss Alps is not only limited to the Swiss people. Foreigners who flock the 4 Valleys during the ski season are famous for their drinking habits. Some of them will fall in love with the Swiss drinking culture while others will take advantage of the relaxed drinking laws to enjoy themselves. Celebrities from around the world are also known for letting loose once they arrive in the Swiss Alps, including the most recent visit by Prince William where he was spotted partying and drinking with friends.

But what about the negative effects?

Excessive alcohol consumptionWith more relaxed drinking laws than several other countries in the world, not to mention the widespread drinking culture, even among people as young as 16, you would think that Switzerland would have a major alcohol consumption problem. And while there is a great concern about minors drinking alcohol in the country, the problem is not that serious compared to several other countries in the world.

This is perhaps because of the fact that drinking in Switzerland is more of a tradition, as opposed to other countries in the world where people drink to get as high as they can. The Swiss government has also come up with several measures to curb alcohol abuse among the minors, which has helped to further protect them from the dangers of excessive alcohol consumption.


Vacationing in the Swiss Alps is supposed to be a fun experience where you enjoy skiing and other winter activities. However, if you look further than that, you will realize that there are several other ways you can have fun in the region, including drinking whilst skiing. So, the next time you find yourself in the 4 Valleys, do not forget to enjoy the famous Swiss drinking culture – but be safe when doing so.