On the Piste! Drinking whilst Skiing in the Swiss Alps

Verbier nightlifeMany people who book holidays to the Swiss Alps do so to enjoy the amazing ski adventure that the region offers.

From normal skiing to cross-country skiing and Heliskiing, among others, you cannot lack something fun and thrilling to do while in the Switzerland.

However, skiing is not all that the Swiss do for fun; there are lots of other ski holiday activities, but the most exciting one you will come across is drinking, or even better, drinking whilst skiing.… Read the rest

Drinks in space – It’s Beer O’clock and We’re Drinking Recycled Pee

How to drink in spaceAstronauts spend a long time away from earth, with their missions lasting as long as one year. If NASA and other space organizations achieve their dream of exploring Mars and other planets, the length of these missions will increase immensely.

This will force the space industry to come up with creative ways of creating food and drinking water for the astronauts in space.… Read the rest

Banned from Canada – Driving Under the Influence

Banned From Canada - DUIEntering Canada may be a challenge after being charged with a DUI offense whether you want to visit for businesses purposes or for pleasure…

To find out why it is difficult to enter Canada with a DUI, we ran though the basics at http://www.duicanadaentry.com/criminal-inadmissibility-canada/ and http://www.cicnews.com/2014/05/entering-canada-dui-conviction-053391.html with a leading Canadian lawyer.… Read the rest

6 (Unexpected) Reasons Why Alcohol May Be Good For You

Alcohol good for youIt’s official. Alcohol is good for you, but as with so many other things in life, there is a downside. Alcohol is only good for you in small quantities, but to sweeten the deal, you need to take a small quantity of alcohol every day to benefit.

As the Dietary Guidelines for Americans put it, a small quantity of alcohol is “… having up to one drink per day for women and up to two drinks per day for men. This definition is referring to the amount consumed on any single day and is not intended as an average over several days.”

Good news? Sure, but only if you are of the legal age to consume alcohol, and you don’t get wasted. … Read the rest

Lavender Pisco Sour – Testing the Peruvian Experience

tdb-lavender-pisco03At the point when Alice and I went to Peru, the primary concern on my rundown to do was climb Machu Picchu. As great stories go, I had zero issues with height disorder, felt incredible, went out for keeps running in the mornings, ate a neighborhood’s lot food (Peruvian ceviche FTW!) and had zero issues until the morning of Machu Picchu.

At that point, I work up, felt like death itself and would not like to get up — destiny chose it was the ideal time for bronchitis. Much obliged travel ailment! The whole day, under great over-the-counter medicine, I felt sketchy, best case scenario.

The main redeeming quality? Machu Picchu. … Read the rest

How Alcohol Works With Exercise

s1On Friday evening after you leave work, you most likely consider going out and having a couple drinks with companions to unwind and wind down. Despite the fact that you may think you should go out and have a couple drinks, some things you ought to positively keep as a top priority.

Like some other day, tomorrow will be a day for activity, and since you are practicing on a customary premise, a couple beverages of liquor won’t generally harmed anything, isn’t that so?

Before you choose to surge out to the neighborhood bar, there are a couple of things beneath that you ought to consider before you settle on you’re decision about going out to drink some liquor.… Read the rest